Our Teachers

  • Brenda Roberts
    Brenda Roberts
    I am the daughter of the founder of the Roberts School and I have been a teacher and director ...
  • elisab
    Elisa Barrett
    I have been at the Roberts School since 1994. For seven years I was the Rainbow teacher and since ...
  • Sue Lopez
    Sue Lopez
    I am very pleased to be the Dinosaur (pre-kindergarten) teacher at The Roberts School. I have over 15 years ...
  • Gini Flores
    Virginia “Gini” Flores
    I am delighted to have joined the Roberts School Family in the Fall of 2006. Since 1993 I have ...
  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Ghiglione
    I am thrilled to join The Roberts School and work collaboratively with the co-teacher in the Two’s room. I ...
  • Taneshia Smith
    Taneshia Smith
    I’m very excited to join the Roberts School family and be a part of the Rainbow classroom. I live ...
  • Desiree Madsen
    Desiree Madsen
    Hi Roberts School families! I am excited to be starting my first full school year here at the Roberts ...
  • Katlin Tanner
    Katlin Tanner
    I’m feeling so overjoyed to be welcomed into the Roberts School! My interest in caring for and nurturing children ...